Wax Injection Molds

Quality is the center of our engine - Precision is what we deliver

Quality precision injection molds FAST, and rapid prototype molds FASTER!

We have been designing and manufacturing custom injection molds since 1987 for many industries, like investment casting wax injection molds, short run plastic injection molds and rapid prototype injection molds. We practice next generation ideology! Unlike many other injection molding companies, we continually strive to provide better service, better quality and better deliveries for less!

All molds and fixtures are 100% CNC machined to engineered specifications.

100% on time - 100% Dimensional - 100% Satisfaction

Solid 3D Model Verification

 Each model is verified for dimensional accountability and topology. 

The model is verified dimension by dimension to ensure that all customer modifications have been incorporated. The results of the verification are recorded using  AS9100C (First Article Inspection) form.

Mold Design and Concept

Once the 3D model of the part is verified to be correct the mold designer is able to bring the model into our design environment we call FAST. This environment is an automated designers tool box which through algorithms incorporates the customers standards and the key mold attributes, allowing us to have design concepts to our customers for review within hours.

Customer Review and Input

Upon the completion of a injection mold concept, the concept is sent electronically to our customer accompanied by a design review and acceptance form. This form is our communication to ensure our customer that we have interpreted and addressed all of the requirements adequately, promotes design interaction and insures customer acceptance.

Design for Manufacturing Model

The key to our speed is our ability to design and build molds within our FAST environment. Each mold is engineered component by component to exact operating and fitting specifications. This design methodology is practiced by few in the industry and we are proud to say we lead this technology. Our FAST design process allows the designer to spend more time on the details and less on the redundant features, delivering exact specifications for manufacturing quickly. 

Linear Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process allows us to build molds and tooling with a linear production flow. Our team members execute specific functions within this linear manufacturing process allowing us to collectively work together to accomplish a single goal.


2017 Statistics

100% On-time

100% Conformity 

100% Customer Satisfaction